Management and Project Consulting GmbH

IT management consulting and support


  • General line management support
  • Consulting in strategy definition
  • Organization building, process review and redesign
  • Consulting in staffing, recruitment, sourcing and supplier management
  • Consulting in merger, acquisition and integration situations, change management

 Background and know-how

Due to more than 5 years in executive and 10 years in line management roles we know about the requirements, challenges and pain points of management situations in daily business as well as in periods of change (which, on a management level, seem to replace the daily business anyway). We are familiar with remote management, complex organizational setups, turnaround and M&A projects.


Specific experience 

  • Strategy development and execution, management of strategic initiatives, progress reporting and strategy adaptation
  • Split and merge of IT organizations, processes, applications and infrastructure
  • Cooperation, coordination, organization and management of teams with different organizational backgrounds, including outsourcing, nearshoring and offshoring business models
  • Management of change in times of corporate and/or economic crisis
  • Remote management and management of virtual teams, in terms of time zone differences, language and geography



Management and Project 
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